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For Sale Murder
Peter Dumas, a bon vivant clairvoyant with uncanny insights and revelations, lights up the Chicago and L.A. teams investigating a series of Realtor (R) murders. Police detectives led by an ex-NFL linebacker and a former attorney accept Peter’s gifts, and together they uncover eight brutal killings in real life situations in the Midwest and West Coast. Posed, movie-like scenes and the scent of Boucheron tie the murders to one chameleon killer. Solid police work with Peter’s help reveals how vulnerable one can be when selling a home. The ending? A surprise.
A serial killer is targeting real estate agents across the country, a pattern that’s only belatedly identified by law enforcement after cops from L.A. and Chicago compare notes, in Blackwell’s suspenseful whodunit introducing Peter Dumas, “a clairvoyant and not a run-of-the-mill clairvoyant.” LAPD homicide detective Mac McHenry, who’s grappling with the slaughter of two realtors, turns to Dumas for help. The killer stabbed the two women from behind before posing their corpses. Meanwhile, McHenry consults an Illinois colleague, David Arnstein, who’s probing a murder with a similar m.o.: the victim, realtor Terry Playmore, was decapitated and her head placed in her lap. Susanna Ryerson, Playmore’s friend and professional colleague, who’s also a friend of Dumas, comes to suspect an attractive potential client may be the so-called real estate ripper, even as a figure described only as “the voyeur” keeps her under close surveillance. Blackwell throws in enough twists to keep readers guessing. (BookLife)