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David Shepard
Forces of Life Psychology: What Creates Success or Failure in Ourselves and our Children
What is it the greatest minds in psychology and those who are the most successful in life know about success and failure? How can we use this knowledge to prevent problems and increase success? Knowledge is a key to success and to surviving failure. “The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” John Locke. We could easily use the existing educational system for a program of preventive psychology based on principles of psychology by the best minds in psychology.
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This is a well-researched psychology book.
We must change treating problems after they happen into a proper educational science to help prevent the problems.

Knowledge and understanding can change your brain as effectively as any therapy. Preventing psychological problems can be more effective than treating them after they occur. This book is about how learning from others’ lives can protect ourselves and our children from the pain of living and learn the social skills and knowledge that make us successful in our personal lives, in raising our children, in our business.

The author puts a great emphasis on children's education. This sentence summarizes it well: The nations who learn “secrets” of how to motivate their children will outclass us in the decades to come.

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Happiness and success are the 2 most important things in life that we all want to have. And this book is teaching us how to achieve that.
It is a very well written book and the author explains using simple language what are the causes of our fears and unhappiness and how we can use our knowledge and understanding of others to unleash our inner happiness and achieve success in every field of life.
I also liked that he cites examples from life (which in fact we all encounter) but also views of wise and successful people who made history with their success.
What made me feel a little tired, was that it had a lot of different topics and I would like it to be a little more specific and comprehensive.

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December 24, 2020

This book is must read if you are struggling with negative feelings or are trying to solve the success puzzle. The author does a great job educating the reader on the primary forces that shape our judgements and how we perceive the world.

This is an insightful book that also sheds light on the holes in our school system and how to undo the toxic programming we learned in school. My favorite "aha" moment I had when reading the book is learning how many of us deal with pain in silence to think it's unique to our experience. However, simply learning how common our obstacle or pains are to larger society and seeing proof of how other people shared their experiences and have gone on to succeed really helps calm your mind and you don't feel defeated anymore.

Powerful book, the author clearly put a lot of time and effort into perfecting this complex topic and making it easy to process and understand. I strongly recommend everyone read this book, it'll help you improve every aspect of your life!!