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Mark Lavine
Forever Child
Mark Lavine, author
Three-hundred years into the future, and the world has changed. Among a chosen few, life expectancy is now hundreds of years; these are the forever children, and science has found a way to keep them in a nearly endless childhood. Secure in their giant hives, they have left the outsiders, who must live natural lives, to fend for themselves, although the forever children are dependent upon stealing the outsider children for their population growth. And that’s not all they do… This is the story of Kianno and Seelin, two children who find themselves trading places in this strange new world, one leading the life of a forever child and the other growing up in the anarchy of the outside world. Their lives come together again in surprising and unexpected ways, as they both become involved in a fierce struggle between the two worlds.
Science Fiction and Fantasy World

Mark Lavine has created a fast paced story that is well thought-out and well told. His vision of the future is fascinating, and definitely an original idea. It is actually quite thought-provoking in many ways, showing aspects of our present world and its values from a whole new perspective.

If there is a negative about the book, it would be that I found the ending to be wrapped up a bit too fast. The story itself was captivating, but I felt the ending could have been better told over more pages. Then again, I’m used to 600+ page fantasy books, so I might be a bit biased here.

All in all, an excellent, well-written story that had me hooked from the very first page.