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Tammie Adele
Forget Me Knot
Tammie Adele, author
Faced with the mortality of her beloved mare, Beauty, and while trying to provide guidance and support to her twelve-year-old niece, Trina starts to reminisce her twenty-year friendship with Beauty. Trina was a shy and nervous twelve-year-old that wasn’t just happy in the shadow of her big sister, Talicia, but actively sought it out. This happened despite her not really noticing or caring that she and Talicia had been cast from the same mould, being physically similar, having similar names and being dressed in matching clothes as infants, even having matching horses to ride that happened to be almost physically identical sisters themselves. Just as Trina acquires her dream horse, she also starts to break out of the mould cast in Talicia’s image. Beauty’s pinto markings represent the individuality and independence that Trina wasn’t sure she was capable of. While her Arabian breeding, the spirit and endurance that Trina would need throughout their friendship. In amongst the good times Trina experiences first love, conflicted loyalty, fickle friends, lack of direction, medical complications, strained family relationships and Talicia’s death. During this time Beauty provides the consistency and unconditional friendship that helps Trina navigate the many defining moments that life throws at her, taking her from adolescence through to adulthood. Thinking that the loss of a horse doesn’t compares with the loss of her big sister some years earlier, Trina is shocked by her emotional state when she says her final goodbye to Beauty. With time comes reflection, and Trina eventually reconciles her grief over losing Beauty. Ultimately discarding the arrogant streak she’d had towards others experiencing grief since Talicia’s death. She also finds comfort in being a ‘big sister’ to her niece, a degree of closure to the loss of Talicia and Beauty, and a sense of contentment towards the future.
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Forget Me Knot by Tammie Adele is a touching tale of individuality, independence, and the invaluable lessons that one can learn from a horse. Trina was a horse-crazy twelve-year-old. She lost her sister at an early age, which became a defining moment in her life. Her mare named Beauty, on the other hand, had been her responsibility and companion for twenty years, and Beauty’s death provides Trina the closure to move on from her sister’s death. Although nothing compares to the loss of her sister, her mare made her lose the selfishness that she had had since her sister’s death. This is the story of Trina as she goes through coming of age with her mare by her side, who provides her with unconditional friendship and precious wisdom.

Forget Me Knot is an equine tale that touched me deeply. Why are we so fascinated by these creatures? Tammi Adele’s narrative gives you a profound answer by exploring Trina and Beauty’s relationship. It is a genuine friendship between a young woman and a horse that is devoid of superficialities in comparison to what Trina experiences with her fickle human friends. The storyline powerfully shows it, with Beauty being instrumental in driving the story forward. It is a story on par with classics like Black Beauty. In Forget Me Knot, the way Beauty represents consistency and independence makes it a heartwarming story of closure and personal identity. This is a must-read for anyone who loves family drama blended with a realistic animal character.