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Fortune of Emerald and Salt
Eighteen-year-old Georgette Baine is a young pirate captain born raised with utter disdain toward royalty. But when she and her twin brother, Captain Elias Baine, make a precarious deal with a King to gain access to a long-lost treasure, they find themselves in an untenable position. The King has tasked them with procuring stolen cargo under the watchful eye of his army commander, and Georgette is convinced they’ve been misled. Mercy Landlight is a nineteen-year-old princess who has been sent to wed a king to secure political peace with his country and hers. A dutiful daughter of the crown she would never question her brother's decree until on her way to her new home, and husband, her journey is thwarted. The sparks of an unfamiliar romance cause Mercy to question everything she's been taught about herself. While Georgette strains to decide if she should continue the life path she was destined for or to entangle herself in a relationship that wouldn’t offer her the same freedoms. With enemies at every bend, this harrowing journey will alter the course of their lives and change the very foundation of who they are and what they’ve always believed. Follow their sea-faring pirate adventure in this YA Fantasy Romance!