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Lois Simmons
Foster Parent & Substitute Teacher: World's Greatest Jobs
Lois Simmons, Author

The job that you want is on the inside of you. I'm assuming you want to know how you get it. You create it! When did Americans start depending on the government to create jobs for everyone? When did Americans lose their ability to create? I've noticed the children in schools wants you to spoon-feed them everything. They want you to provide all the answers for them. They don't want to think. How did this lazy spirit take over America? We have millions of college graduates without jobs, but why aren't they using their mental faculties to be creative and think of new jobs. Wake up America! It's time to believe in ourselves again! It's time to be creative again! If you have something positive to say to me, visit me at I don't have time for negative comments because I'm busy trying to create jobs and I don't have a college education, but I do have grandchildren!