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Tammy Andresen
Found: Bare with a Baron
The Baron Brightmore is the exact sort of rake a debutante should stay far away from… Not that Miss Alexi Starlit need worry about rogues. She’s too busy blending into the wall to catch the eye of a man like that. That is until this wallflower stumbles across a derelict and drunk baron having a tryst in the garden with an unknown lady. And when that woman escapes into the dark, Alexi is left alone with the worst sort of lord. She can’t imagine the situation could get any worse until her hosts happen upon them and mistake her for the tryster. And then the entire affair gets published in the paper. And, of course, her father insists she weds Baron Brightmore. Luck is not on her side. But Alexi is determined to prove her innocence and change her fate. With the baron’s help, can they track down the mysterious woman who was breaking all the rules? And why is she tempted, every time she looks at Brightmore, to break them too? They are only investigating together to escape a marriage, not become further embroiled. Still, Alexi can’t deny, rakes are nothing if not tempting. When might she have an opportunity like this again? And is there truth to the saying that rakes make the best husbands? Perhaps, she should find out…