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Found Not Guilty
Alex Feigns, author
Jacob Brownfield fought hard for custody. A month later, he wished he hadn’t. His teenage daughter has been beaten, waterboarded and burned to death with a steam iron in what seems to be an interrogation gone wrong. Now his ex-wife intends to sue him for negligence. Days turn into weeks. The police department has drawn blank, hamstrung with budget cuts, backlogs and lack of experience. But Jake is not giving up. He cannot give up, despite an inch from poverty glutted with a bout of panic attacks. He has a lead, a small one which is the stolen iPhone too irrelevant for the police to connect with his daughter’s murder. His investigation takes him straight to the precipice of a climacteric battle against the perverted powers roosting in the justice system. In this journey, Jake finds the answer to three questions. What secret the iPhone holds that his daughter has to be tortured to death? What price he must pay for justice? Can he single-handedly bring down the metastasizing corruption that has plagued this community for decades?