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Diane Chambers
Fragile Minds: An Advocate's Story
\tAfter recovering from a series of traumatic events, including a two year battle with anxiety and depression, Diane Chambers, a professional sign language interpreter develops a passion for learning all she can about mental illness. When she is offered a long-term interpreting assignment at an all-male group home for those recovering from mental illness, she accepts. At the group home she is begins to see the varied lives behind the faces of mental illness. \tWhen that assignment ends, others take her onto psychiatric wards, and another to a residential care center for persons with mental illness. Concurrently, she becomes entangled into the life of a friend, who starts to display symptoms of serious mental instability. \tIn her quest to seek professional intervention for her friend, Diane is immersed into the realities of our broken mental health system. Aware of the struggle of thousands of families across the United States, who are confronting barriers trying to access mental health care for an adult loved one with a mental illness, she decides to do something about it. \tIn her memoir, Diane takes the reader on her journey from patient, to mental health professional, to advocate for reform of our laws and mental health system.