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Sonia McNulty
Francis Goes to Europe
At last - the sequel to Francis The Horse That Is, is here at last: Francis Goes to Europe consists of even more fun and frolic, as Francis is invited to race at Ascot in the UK. Before travelling through Europe with unexpected and uninvited friends who turn up in the most unpredictable manner, and decide to disguise a shipload of cows and sheep to save their lives from a disastrous outcome; especially as they all have to hide from the immigration authorities in each country. Yet, still managing to get into so much trouble and making Arabian horses and other animals unhappy as they travelled. Whilst Fredrick on the other hand causes more problems, when he offers chewing gum to his friends, not knowing the unforgiving outcome and due to his hunger puts his friends at risk in each country. The excitement at the Monte Carlo Horse Races again creates fun and unpredictability. The friends then fall victim to a kidnap and rescued only to fall upon an unbelievable find. Arriving in England forms another story filled with humorous surprises and not so predictable outcomes.