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Stephen McGuire
Free Book Review- Prior Restraint, ISBN 979-8715232755
" Prior Restraint"--America's most famous news anchor is brutally murdered by terrorists, and the entire media establishment is paralyzed by the fear of who may be next. Seemingly overnight, a pernicious wave of self-censorship grips the airwaves, and no one dares to further criticize religious fanaticism. A corrupt Senator, intoxicated by ambition and greed, exploits the ensuing chaos, while a tenacious, young reporter risks her career and her life to uncover the truth. "Prior Restraint" is a chilling story about fear, greed and power that blurs the borders between reality and illusion, with a plot line even more terrifying in its disturbing proximity to our everyday reality. The author, Stephen McGuire, retired federal judge has published two political thrillers, "Prior Restraint" and "Fractured Power."