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Uri Resnick
Freedom Doesn't Grieve
Uri Resnick, author
Billions are dead in the wake of a pandemic era. A global sentience tasks telepathic envoys with overseeing a utopian world federation. A brilliant young neuroscientist races to prevent the fulfillment of an ominous prophecy. Things seem challenging enough…until she discovers the shocking magnitude of what she – and humanity – are really up against. This elevated sci-fi thriller is both a philosophical tour-de-force and emotional roller-coaster, which will change how you think about yourself and the world. Under the ever-present shadow of personal and collective mortality, Freedom Doesn’t Grieve explores a speculative future of religion and freedom, as a parable on their past. In this debut novel, Resnick, Israeli diplomat and scholar, grabs you at the outset and doesn’t let go until it’s too late to regain what you thought you knew about yourself and humanity’s feckless attempts at charting a sustainable future. In a tabloid world increasingly toying with the dual challenges of nihilism and annihilation, Freedom Doesn’t Grieve is a sobering breath of sanity.