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Desmond Devenish
Freedom From Failure: A 10-step guide to actionably transform painful setbacks into life-defining triumphs
CREATE AN UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS To avoid the hurt from life's failures, we end up allowing in more pain by downsizing our beliefs. You know that you can climb that impossible mountain, yet deny it out of conditioned fear. To rise to the summit means letting go of dead weight, and reprogramming with relentless courage. In 10 actionable steps, you will confront false narratives and strip away useless mindsets. No more feeling stuck without purpose and lack of supreme goal setting. Limitless visualizing and mental toughness will crush the negative ego. Mental traps that made you feel small, feeding you inner-doubt and obstacles in the way will crumble. Your biggest dreams will be honored and personal hardship put to great use. Now is the time to claim your soul's mission, so begin winning that worthy pursuit. If you want to defeat procrastination and choose personal power, this is where it starts. READ THIS PERSONAL GROWTH BOOK AND YOU WILL LEARN TO: Bounce back harder than you can imagine. Make your fantasy and reality the same thing. Use grit, commitment, and obsessive motivation to level up your status. Grow your mindset with bold awareness, and eliminate destructive patterns. Transform and own your power with unstoppable conviction. Fuel your decision-making with fierce confidence and self-discipline. Move beyond your comfort zone through risk, surrender, and active patience. Execute persuasive and reward-driven actions with peak performance. Master your time management with healthy habits, less stress, and magnetic energy. Cultivate miracles, and elevate your career to the highest rank. Become an elite positive thinking leader, and watch your relationships grow. Possess the lifestyle you desire with deep work and measurable results. Never again worry that you do not have whatever it takes to get whatever it is you want. Take on any challenge by knowing the universe has your back. Gain absolute freedom, focus, happiness, and much more!