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Friendzoned Soprano
Plus-size soprano Abbie Fisher has a great opera career and a lousy love life. Dieting down a hundred pounds hasn’t changed her luck with men. Sexy baritone Sean Grant friendzones her—dashing her hopes for a romance—as they intimately rehearse the opera Tosca in Baltimore. Lots of touching to raise her temperature, and yet she’s supposed to keep her hands off. But then Sean snatches kisses and flirts with her, anyway. Is he pursuing a romance with her after all? What does he want from her? Confused and angered by Sean’s sexy overtures, Abbie consults her trusted Tarot cards before taking a bold step that could resolve her romantic dilemma—or break her heart. This story is a stand-alone read and also Book 2 in the Singers in Love series about love, opera, and maybe the supernatural. A sweet contemporary romance with a hint of steam, much talk of food and dieting, and an upbeat happy ending. Enter the world of opera through the eyes of a woman in love.