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From Dysfunction to Love
This book is the sequel to Forever Love. Gail Evans does not believe in a forever love because she witnessed firsthand the devastation that a relationship gone awry could cause for all those concerned. At the age of ten, she witnessed her dad engaging in a flirtatious encounter with someone who was not her mother. Once she divulged that information to her mother, it was the beginning of the end for their family of four. That experience taught her that love might exist for the lucky few, but for most people the thought of a lasting love was best left to fairytales. When her best friend got engaged after a whirlwind romance of one week, she was cautiously optimistic for her friend. Katharine believed in lasting relationships because she had amazing parents as role models. Despite her excitement for her friend, she remained a pessimist when it came to her own love life. Therefore, when she met Thomas, Gail assumed the mild attraction was no more than an anomaly. Afterall, she was the maid-of-honor and best friend, and he was the best man and brother of the wedding couple to be. Her assumption began to shift once they were thrusted together for the holidays. Gail’s attraction to Thomas combined with his assertion that her past was preventing her from living in the present, forced her to revisit her painful childhood. A childhood she would soon discover shrouded by secrets and lies. Would learning the truth about her parent’s failed marriage free her from her self-imposed prison of isolation and mistrust? Could forgiving her dad and herself lead to the healing she needed to put her past assumptions in the rearview mirror so that she could enjoy the journey before her with an amazing man? Could the girl who grew up in a dysfunctional family find a forever love?

A friend told me about this book and I brought it on a whim. But once started, I couldn't put it down, finishing the book in less than a day. The story is fast-paced and has one of the most satisfying ends i read in a while.

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I am a divorcee after 40+ years; so I know both love and dysfunction in a relationship. It was so hard to accept that my marriage was dysfunctional and crumbling. Emotionally, he left the marriage before I could put a face to it and accept it. I was definitely surprised that I enjoyed reading From Dysfunction to Love because my life had been left in tatters during the separation and divorce processes. Although, I am not currently in a relationship, I have hope because I can identify with Gail's disbelief that authentic love exists, and with her stepping out on a limb to share her heart again.