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Erin Alon Brain
Author, Illustrator
Fun for Anyone!

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Weston loves to have fun! Everyone's idea of fun isn't the same though. Sometimes, people think that it's okay to try to force their likes and dislikes onto others. It might hurt, but you have to be resilient and stand up for what you believe in. Will new friends and inclusion help Weston be confident again? Find out in, Fun for Anyone!
Sherri Maret, veteran teacher/librarian and picture book author

Fun for Anyone! A Story about Standing Out is a book that belongs in every library. When a boy who loves nail polish and unicorns, a different boy makes fun of him. The message is to be true to yourself and love what you love. This resonated with me because every once in a while a student would get teased about the books the student checked out in my school library. I encouraged students to read what they love. This book provides a very positive way to deal with those teasing situations and educate others to embrace our differences. Erin Alon Brain wrote and illustrated the book and I loved not only the story but wonderful illustrations as well. This picture book is truly great for all ages.”