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Funny Face by Peggi Davis

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

The bright lights of Manhattan, burning crosses in Mississippi, and former flames from Texas sparked a series of stories and essays featured here in Funny Face. With wit and wisdom, author Peggi Davis’ musings recount the hilarious and harrowing events that occurred as she gingerly grew up, and her fractured family moved from town to town. Half hippie, half haute couture, she entered the wacky world of retail advertising at the young age of nineteen. There, her outrageous experiences and escapades with a collection of colorful, creative colleagues provide a humorous personal narrative. And her ability to rise above the secrets hidden from her as a child offers insight into the sadder parts of her life. Now in her seventies, Davis’ insight on aging and other timely topics gives voice to a generation raised on marvelous music, incredible imagination, and the power of love.

Chick Lit Cafe Book Review for Funny Face by Peggi Davis

Funny Face is a delightful peek into the charming world of art director Peggi Davis. It’s an engaging, uplifting memoir that will make you smile.

I am sure this book is just the tip of the iceberg in a wealth of reflective and amusing antidotes, memories and true life accounts of Peggi’s life. It is a warm, cozy and charming read that I couldn’t put down and couldn’t get enough of.  As you read you might ponder… was it serendipity that brought happiness into Peggi’s life, or was it her positive mindset?  I think the author’s charisma flows through the pages, letting you glimpse into her light, fun and loving soul.  The pages are filled with music memories, and I found myself humming out different tunes all the way through.  Here is a lady who loves life.  She has sung and danced her way through as much of it as possible, still does, even in the latter part of her life.  Her tales and thoughts on life are utterly captivating, and her fun, cheerful and authentic personality shines through.  There were set-backs during Peggi’s lifetime, but this isn’t a story about them.  This book is a celebration of her life, as she shares different memories with us.  It is therefore, a wonderfully upbeat and inspiring read.  As she says… she has reached that last season, which is a time enriched with gratitude and abundance.

Peggi Davis is one of those writers who are simply a joy to read.  Besides being beautifully edited, her words flow with warmth and charm, which ensures a relaxing, enthralling read.  Quirky, inspiring, encouraging and touching, Funny Face by Peggi Davis comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.  Buy today for a mellow, fascinating read.

Peggi Davis - Bio, Book & Blog

Although I was born at the now defunct French Hospital in New Orleans, I was actually raised in New York City. My childhood was a dichotomy, ranging from an Archie Bunker home environment to lavish dinners with my Grandfather at The Stork Club and 21. My father was born and brought up British, my mom a native New Yorker. They shared an amazing sense of style, but not much else. He had a display company, and made beautiful signs and window dressings for a variety of retail establishments, while my mother was a former stylist and sometime model for a wild and wacky photographer in the Village.

At the age of nine, I saw the movie Funny Face at Radio City Music Hall and my future was decided. I majored in Fashion Illustration/ Communication Arts at Texas A & M, Commerce, and went directly into the retail advertising business upon graduation. Eventually I became a Creative Director, and worked for, among others, Macy’s San Francisco, Saks Department Stores, and AGA Design, New York. It was a fabulous world of fashion photography, graphic design, travel and the best creative colleagues imaginable. At 60, I changed careers and became the Communications Director for a state School of Fine Arts. I retired ten years later. This year I opened the Schoolhouse Art Studio, which began as a personal painting space, but has morphed into occasional, small classes in collage, jewelry and art card creation.

I have been told most of my life that I should write a book about my experiences. With this in mind, I attended a series of classes on Creative Non Fiction Writing. It is here from which my stories evolved. And thus, my book "Funny Face" became a reality.

I am married to Jim Davis, a former television art director and investment banker, who is also retired and ferociously fighting progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He is an inspiration and my biggest fan. And, of course, I am his. We were rescued several years ago by a small doodle dog named Dylan, and live in a condominium in a Southern historic neighborhood.