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Rebecca Hemlock
Author, Illustrator, Contributor, Editor (anthology)
Fury in the Shadows

Adult; Romance; (Market)

The shadows of the past threaten her future.
Jessica Everett works hard to rescue women from their abusive husbands. She started down this path as a preteen when her best friend's father became abusive. Things quickly spiral out of control when she meets with a young woman who reached out to her for help. But Jessica didn't get there in time. A figure leaps from the shadows, making Jessica his next target and.... the only witness to her murder. Jessica barely escapes with her life, thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Michael Redman, the local deputy sheriff.

Michael Redman never expected to see Jessica again. Not after the way things ended between them. Once she's out of harm's way, she's acting strange. He believes her story but can't shake the feeling that she's hiding something. When she wants to get away from him, she takes the danger with her and her best friend could end up being the second victim. He doesn't blame her for wanting his protection.

While battling guilt and a painful past, Jessica tries to evade a killer and keep away from Michael. Both prove to be nearly impossible. She must guard her heart against the man guarding her.

"A great fast read that brings awareness to domestic violence touches on forgiveness and tosses you into a cocoon of romance." - Amazon Reviewer.