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Gabby Care
B. A. Coots, author
In B.A. Coots’ debut novel, Gabby Rendon’s co-worker accuses Gabby of embezzlement and forces her to resign from her position as a clerk at an after-school program or face felony charges. Gabby’s troubles intensify when her identity is stolen, her only asset mortgaged, her reputation among peers ruined, and her favorite tuberous begonia brutalized by a thug searching her things for a jump drive that can prove her innocence if only she can unlock it. Gabby wants nothing more than her safe life back, secrets and all, until an elderly church matron employs and eventually befriends her. Together, they embark on a mission to find the thief that jeopardized Gabby’s career, while setting Gabby’s love live in order. Their combined efforts land Gabby in jail, accused of murder, and her prospects for a full relationship, dashed on the rocks of a lonely craggy shore as Gabby prays her way through an ever lengthening tunnel. If you enjoy light-hearted reads with mystery, adventure, and a bit of romance, you might enjoy this debut work of women’s Christian fiction, Gabby Care, Book One in the Gabby Rendon series.