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Gabriel is Cursed
Rose and Gabriel defeated Nightshade or so they thought, but the battle is far from over. Nightshade’s comrades seek to destroy an industrial town in Pennsylvania and Rose and Gabriel have to stop them. But Gabriel is seeing things that aren’t there and Rose discovers powers that make her question where her loyalties lie. They seek out the nymphs and discover the conflict isn’t as cut and dry as they first believed. Two nymphs help Rose stop the destruction of the city, save Gabriel, and take down Nightshade once and for all.
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4 stars

Rose and Gabriel are two of the strongest characters that I have ever come across. Their love for one another along with their quirky and witty banter will have you adoring them. They reminded me of Thomas and Audrey from Stalking Jack the Ripper. They were that damn cute! Ugh! I know their story isn’t over because I need to read more about them.Gabriel is Cursed was an amazing read. The story engaged me from the start and I couldn’t stop reading until I completed the book. It was a quick read with a fantastic storyline that never got dull. Highly recommend this read!

Sabrina- Goodreads

Mercilessly immersive and powerfully emotional!

**Presented with an ARC by the author via direct download in exchange for an honest review.**

Written in the turn of the century, during the industrial revolution, this is a story of struggle and redemption, fear and hope. It brings together angels and nymphs fighting to live in a world with humans who couldn’t care less about who they hurt with their factories and ‘progress’. This book holds such raw and aching truths that you can’t help but devour every word.

One of the things I have come to love about Julia’s writing is the same thing that draws me in time and again to Stephanie Rowe and Bella Benz—the absolute purity and depth of emotion, as though the emotions the characters feel are living entities all their own.

For those who are coming to this book after reading the first one, you know without any doubt that this book holds everything you’re looking for and perhaps a few things you hadn’t thought of. To those looking at this book as a new read, let impart these few things upon you. First, although it can be read as a stand alone, I do highly recommend starting at the beginning and following the story through in order. And second, brace yourself. This will be an experience for you unlike any other.

Fans of Bella Benz, Stephanie Rowe, Brittni Chenelle, Jessica Feyden, and Megan Blackwood will love this book. And although this is a high/urban fantasy dealing with angels, nymphs, and humans set in the Victorian era, fans of Star Trek: DS9 will love this book for the way it evokes such raw emotions and deals with powerful themes.