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Patrick Acosta
Gabriel of Noah's Ark
Noah‛s ark is perhaps the most widely recognized story in the world. Found in many cultures the world over. I have selected three of the better known versions, from the Christian, Jewish and Islam traditions. While all three come from a common origin they vary in their tradition and the telling of this awe-inspiring tale. The differences between the Christian and the Jewish traditions are minimal and both share the Old Testament. But in Jewish tradition it tells of a Noel planting Cedar trees and waiting for them to grow because in truth he could not bear to see the destruction of the world. The holy Qur‛an gives us another view of Noah‛s life, and clearly references a fourth son and wife who perished in the flood even after receiving the warning promise of water coming from an oven. It also tells us that there were other believers who survived along with Noah and his family. Holy Bible; Genesis 6-9 Holy Torah; Genesis Parshas Bereishis 6-9. Holy Qur‛an; Surah 11:27-51 Gabriel was a lion that found favor with God. But he never imagined a greater task than the one in which God had chosen for him. Gabriel of Noah‛s Ark is a tale taken from three of the world‛s holy books, the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Muslim Qur‛an and told like you never heard it before. Learn the challenges Noah must face with a suborn wife who was much too busy to listen to her husband‛s rants and a fourth son who excused his father‛s warning as nothing more than fairy tales. Learn why the Raven never returned from its outing over the waters and why he was the only creature who would dare argue with God‛s commandment. Find out how even Noah tried to stall God‛s plan and found it hard to believe that God would destroy the world. Never before have all three versions been woven into one story until now. Open your mind and heart and read the tale you only thought you knew, and get ready to set sail on an adventure of Biblical proportions.