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Gillbert Troll
Gateworlds Earth - Athanator - Book 1
A few years back, an ancient portal (Multiverse Gate Earth) was found in the jungles of Guatemala. The Gate once found was opened, and every sentient creature on Earth was randomly soul-joined with another creature within the multiverse. Once the Gate was opened, chaos ensued. Riots started, smaller and larger wars were fought. Now, after twenty years, order has been restored, and life has returned to a new normal. John Zelm Athanator, the protagonist of the book and the veteran of the wars, is walking in a park minding his own business. He is given a mission by a talking tree to retrieve a stolen rune crystal from the Multiverse Gate Earth. If the crystal is not recovered, Earth itself will be in dire danger. Any stronger entity could attack the planet without the Gates’ protection. So John does everything in his power to retrieve the rune. From Budapest to Istanbul, to Guatemala, he is up against a vengeful god, demons, a ruby-eyed unknown entity and even some chipmunks. He is helped by chickens, dwarves, dragons, a gnome, some orks, and even a former Egyptian god on a sabbatical. The gods have mercy on us all.