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Pat Krapf, author
Sean Ireland, the first gay presidential candidate in US history, is guaranteed the election—until he’s found dead at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Stunned by her friend’s murder, private investigator Darcy McClain is determined to hunt down Sean’s killer. In shock, she returns home to find someone has broken into her home, assaulted her sister, and stolen Bullet, her giant schnauzer. While frantically searching for Bullet, Darcy’s worst fears are realized. She finds a tranquilizer dart, shot from a crossbow, lying in her backyard. Only one person she knows uses such a weapon—Solis, a rogue CIA agent who years earlier tried to kill Darcy.   After Sean’s death, more grisly murders follow, leading the police to suspect a serial killer. Darcy isn’t convinced. But before she can pursue her hunch, she is framed for Sean’s death. On the run from the law, she’s forced to go underground to solve the murders and to get Bullet back.  In the course of her investigation, she’s astounded to discover evidence of a high-level government conspiracy to exterminate gays and lesbians. Thousands are already dying horrible deaths. Is Solis part of the conspiracy? Is he the murderer? Taunted by Solis, who threatens to kill her dog, Darcy vows to track down her adversary, save Bullet, and discover the truth.  
Book Reviews From An Avid Reader

A thriller that could be tomorrow's headlines—Joan Nienhaus

I enjoyed this thriller that could be tomorrow's headlines. I am not much of a conspiracy theory buff but Krapf has crafted a plausible plot rooted in the current atmosphere of hate. She has combined the fear of a pandemic with the determination of a few wealthy men to eradicate a segment of America's society. Add the incentive of political aspirations and the result is a dangerous but very possible future.

I liked Darcy as the heroine. She is one gutsy girl. An ex-FBI agent, she has the skills and connections to pursue an investigation where others fail. But she is not all toughness as she has a big soft spot in her heart for her faithful dog. I like how Darcy's character was pitted against a San Francisco police detective who hates her. They seem to have a history that proves he a jerk, something he confirms it in this novel.

This is the first novel I have read in this series and I was a bit confused at the beginning. Krapf writes from a universal omniscient point of view. Readers are introduced to a number of characters in a variety of situations early on. They all come together as the novel progresses but I would have rather that the various plot elements be introduced at a slower pace. Once I figured out how all the people and their actions were related, I enjoyed following Darcy and the suspense she experienced.

I recommend this novel to those who enjoy a thriller based on cutting edge vaccine experiments. Add wealthy and powerful men who want to purify their society and you have the makings of a good thriller.


Let's Talk About Books

Very well-written, well thought-out mystery—Michelle S. Willms

Sometimes you find a book that is so terrifying, it doesn’t just give you nightmares, it prevents you from sleeping altogether. GENOCIDE is one of those books. While it’s written as a mystery, and is a darn good one, too, the ideas put forth within the book are a bit too close to the realm of possibility for comfort to allow the intelligent person to ignore the potential implications of the progressions of modern science and what could happen should wicked people choose to play God. This book has given me much to think about, worry about, and study about.

When I opened the book, I expected a bit of a light read, something a bit heavier than a cozy mystery, but still not a hardcore story. I was only a few pages in before I happily realized GENOCIDE was NOT a cozy mystery. I read the entire novel in a massive gulp, appreciating the research that went into such an involved tale. There are mysteries galore, not just a single unsolved crime, and amid all the murders lurks the overwhelming worry of the private investigator’s stolen Giant Schnauzer.

This is a book for conspiracy theorists, people who love involved mysteries, those who love well-written and well-researched mysteries, and anyone who enjoys a really thought-provoking story.


Tome Tender

It was amazing—Dianne Bylo

In a tale of dark intent and evil conspiracy, not even a presidential candidate is safe from a homophobic group intent on committing the mass murder of homosexuals. Their weapon of choice? A pharmaceutical kiss of death.

Private Investigator Darcy McClain, a close friend to the late candidate will find the murderer come hell or high water, but she comes home to find a horror that will steel her resolve even more. Her home has been broken into, her sister assaulted and her closet friend in all the world, Bullet, her giant schnauzer is gone. Trust me, you do NOT want to come between a woman and her dog and the hunt is on…with evidence pointing to her arch nemesis, Solis, a former CIA agent gone bad who had his chance to kill Darcy once and failed. 

Thousands of innocent gays and lesbians are dying and Darcy will stop at nothing to uncover this heinous and twisted crime. Determined to find justice for the dead, punish those entrusted with the country’s welfare and save Bullet, Darcy plays killer tag with those in power and the one monster she would like to wipe off the face of the earth. 

Forget sitting back for a relaxing escape, Pat Krapf’s GENOCIDE is a fast-paced and twisted tale of corruption, bigotry and the power over selected death. Follow Darcy as she digs for the truth, the villains and Bullet, dodging death and imprisonment for a murder she didn’t commit.

An excellent action-packed mystery-thriller that touches on appalling hate crimes, twisted science and a loyalty that defies species.