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TJ Slee
Gentleman Jack
Tim Slee, author

If you have killed hundreds of men in war, can you ever find peace? This is the question at the heart of Gentleman Jack.

The topic is explored as a work of narrative non-fiction. It uses a literary style to tell a true story. The narrative is based on hours of taped interviews with Jack Lundie conducted by his grandson, journalist David Crocker; notes by the co-author Tim Slee taken during a weeklong visit with Jack while his wife Annie was hospitalized; and supplementary historical research by co-author Denys Slee.

Using a first-person voice, we have attempted to provide the reader with an authentic insight into an extraordinary life, with a focus on the greatest moral dilemma Jack Lundie described from his time at war.

“What value the lives I took, against that of the lives I saved?”