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Get Your Life Together: A practical guide to getting organized
This book is for new college students and anyone else who might be feeling like disorganization is ruining their life. You might feel like papers are cluttering your house. You might be a student who chronically misses deadlines you didn’t even know about. My goal in writing this little guide is to condense some practical knowledge and doable next steps into a bite sized package for those who are busy and otherwise occupied. "This candid, constructive book lays the groundwork for self-reflection and goal-setting while exploring several different aspects of life that might contribute to disorganization, offering simple solutions to a better, more organized you. A must-read for anyone interested in organizing their life in effective and practical ways."– Amy Felt, aerospace engineer “You would be hard-pressed to come across a more no-nonsense work on organization. Other authors demand you create a new worldview, while Alissa uses what you’ve already got to make positive changes in your life.” – Ben Reed, editor and producer of the podcast “Adventures In…”