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Ghosts, Demons & Other Nasties: Psychic Battles Fought and Won
Have you ever been attacked by a demon, confronted a satanic cult, or fought plain evil, or black, magic? Have you ever encountered and helped release earthbound ghosts? What about extraterrestrial aliens or even crime scene intuitive investigations? I have. Many times. In this book, as the title implies, you will discover information about a few stories of my many years of interventions with ghosts, demons, and other nasty beings and situations. These are all true stories of my encounters with paranormal or psychic activities, which caused discomfort and harm to my clients and me. I am a ghost hunter, cult rescuer, exorcist, and warrior priest. Some of the stories are about lost and confused souls. Others are of malevolent beings determined to wreak havoc. One is of a person determined to rid himself of alien intrusions. Not all stories are evil or frightening, but all are rewarding in one way or another. All the stories are true, with names changed to protect innocents.