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Kelly Moran
Give Up the Ghost (A Phantoms Novel from Entangled Publishing)
Kelly Moran, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Paranormal investigator Kerry Baker has seen it all. But nothing in her work with the Phantoms team prepares her for the most terrifying ghost of all?seeing her doppelganger. Rumored to be a foreshadowing of one's death, the spectre shakes Kerry to the core...sending her into the arms of her best friend and fellow Phantom cast member, Paul Leake, for comfort. Until a kiss changes everything. Paul has been in love with Kerry for ages, unwilling to compromise their friendship. As their investigation in a ghost town grows more intense, however, so does the chemistry between Paul and Kerry. With her life in danger and their jobs on the line, giving into their attraction couldn't be a worse idea?and yet they can't bring themselves to stop it. Even if it kills her...
Fresh Fiction

 "Kelly Moran has made me a super fan of this genre, and in my opinion I would love to see this series translated to T.V. or the Big Screen."