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Chess Desalls
Glistens Part Two
A guardian can’t hunt without chasing rabbits. Marian’s first assignment as a commissioned Glisten is bigger than she ever dreamed. Demon shadows known as rabbits have been attacking the weakest Glistens and causing them to disappear. Marian wants answers. But her only lead is through a network of underground tunnels, not navigable by the Glistens’ human forms. Will she succeed at finding the missing Glistens, or will her attempts fizzle and burn out?
Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Glistens Part Two by Chess Desalls continues Marian's fight against the Rabbits when the weakest Glistens begin disappearing, taken by the demon shadows. Determined to find answers, Marian searches a series of underground tunnels that lead her to a shocking discovery, one that changes everything she thought she knew. Turning to her closest friends for help, Marian takes a risk that could cost her everything.

Chess Desalls delivers the same charm from the first part with the same sparkling characters. Glistens is a quick read with an engaging plot with mystery as the search for the missing Glistens continues. A majority of the story ties into Marian's friend, Sal, who has her own journey playing a significant role in the story. A new antagonist is discovered, which leaves the characters with several mixed feelings. Desalls takes a sympathetic approach to him so he maintains a level of understanding behind his actions while also never shying away from the darkness of what he's done. The background to the Rabbits is further explored, giving them an origin story and allowing for a chance to finally understand where they come from, what their purpose has been this whole time. The twist on the Rabbits is truly surprising, taking a darker turn, but setting up for a hopeful ending.

Despite the darker undertone, the story remains fairly light in general mood with characters often behaving in an upbeat way while Desalls also touches on a more emotional journey. This unique world is filled with vibrant and colorful Glistens, exploring their roles in the form of guides. Glistens Part Two is an excellent follow up with delightful characters, an emotional journey, and a dangerous underground.