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God on Mayhem Street
Chicago Examiner reporter Leo Townsend has landed the interview of a lifetime with openly gay, front-running US presidential candidate Griffin Carlisle. But when Leo is forced to abandon the interview to rush to the side of his estranged father who has suffered a near-fatal heart attack, Leo's personal and professional worlds collide. When Carlisle offers to visit the Townsend farm for an interview, secrets are exposed that jeopardize not just Leo's family, but an entire nation.
K. J. Klemme, author of "Tourist Trapped"

Leo Townsend's homecoming is anything but sweet when he returns to his family's farmstead to bury his mother. In the ensuing days, secrets are unearthed, enemies are exposed, and a gay political figure divides the town. Oakley's created a story jam-packed with twists, but one that also reminds us of the importance of compassion.

Libby Fischer Hellman, author of 13 Compulsively Readable Thrillers

Small town politics clash with gay rights and family issues in Kristin Oakley's God on Mayhem Street . A cleverly plotted and well-written tale about two brothers, their father, and the town bully who wants to drive them off their land. Oakley's sophomore novel will capture your interest and, more importantly, your heart. Well worth the read!

Timmothy J. Holt, author of "The Square Affair"

Kristin A. Oakley takes you on a deft ride through the underbelly of local politics, greed, and Christian values. In this time of racial, religious, and sexual violence done in the name of God's commands, God on Mayhem Street is a welcome story where love conquers bigotry and greed. The novel is a true hero's journey with a message we all should take to heart.