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FX Holden
GOLAN: This is the Future of War
FX Holden, author

GOLAN, This is the Future of War, asks a question few want to consider. What will happen if Iran acquires nuclear weapons in the next ten years? GOLAN explores the question through the eyes of front line participants on all sides, in a conflict set ten years into the future. Featuring military tech that is on the drawing boards today and characters you won’t easily forget, GOLAN throws the reader straight into the center of a nuclear storm and doesn’t ease up. 

BookLife Prize

"Engrossing, tense, and polished"

Golan is the speculative tale of military powers in the not-too-distant 2030, and their continuous fight through both war and subterfuge, to capture Golan Heights—an area strategically important to most of the world's superpowers.

The narrative’s focus on a conceivable future in which Iran poses a nuclear threat is chilling. Holden’s character development in on point. Regardless of the many moving parts, it’s an elegantly executed military thriller that offers authenticity. 

Holden’s consistently fine writing will ensure that fans of the genre are entranced.