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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Gone to the Dogs
Matt McAvoy, editor

Gone to the Dogs ran for five series between 1973 and 1977. At its peak, the 1975 Christmas Special drew an incredible twenty-one million viewers, a number unheard of in today’s multi-media age. It spawned a plethora of much-loved catchphrases and characters, which still resonate, with those of a certain age at least, to this very day. Join the cast and writers as they take you on a journey into the real story of this most beloved of shows, through the loves, the tragedies, the highs and the lows; that legendary hare is still very much running!

Carl Hitchcock

A really original and funny novel that will leave you smirking throughout your day. The book is unusual in that it takes the form of a series of interviews and transcripts with cast members and associates of a fictitious 1970's sit-com set in and around a greyhound racing track. The dossier charts the rise and ultimate fall of the show and its characters as the show progresses through the 70's. Think Are you Being Served meets On the Buses! Some of the characterisation and plot progression is reminiscent of Stephen Fry with perhaps a little Matt Berry thrown in, which despite its setting, gives the comedy a contemporary feel. Highly enjoyable and highly recommended.


A work of genius on par with the greatest of 70’s sit-coms. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which is presented in a very clever format. Well observed, funny and engaging. An easy 5 stars and hopefully the first of many novels from Simon Gary