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PAUL M. KATZ, author

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

The power of celebrities and Influencers to create cultural conversations, change opinions, and ignite action has transformed the marketing world in the past fifteen years. Yet many businesses and philanthropic organizations do not know how to engage and work with Influencers to support their causes. GOOD INFLUENCE by social entrepreneur Paul M. Katz is the first, comprehensive guide for creating and executing Influencer‐led, cause campaigns that tap into the exponential power of the Influencer Effect.
Entertain Impact founder and CEO Paul Katz lays out how he has found success in employing “the power of Influencers for social impact”—and how, though clear action steps, readers can harness that power, too, for their own campaigns and endeavors. Noting that the way to reach the masses has changed, Katz argues that marketing can now be as simple as a well known social media influencer wearing a brand that catches the eye of their million followers, Katz offers readers his original five-step D.R.E.A.M. method for finding and partnering with influencers, “an encompassing term” that includes “social media influencers, public figures, and celebrities collectively,” figures who can have an “exponential impact” when “throwing their popularity, social capital, and platform behind a particular cause or brand.”

Katz calls that impact the Influencer Effect, and he’s spent a career harnessing its power for social causes and philanthropic campaigns. His advice and techniques here, though, can be applied to a variety of types of campaigns, as Katz illuminates, with insight and concrete examples, how an influencer’s reach, engagement, and target audience can draw attention and revenue to a brand or cause. Dispelling myths attached to marketing and endorsements—such as having to know the people already, needing lots of capital, or needing a big name celebrity for success—Katz provides a fresh road map to making the influencer effect effective for all parties involved. Katz explains that when shrewdly handled, all stakeholders (including the influencer) garner positive results from implementing the influencer effect.

Blending Katz’s hard-won experience and “pro tip”s with clarifying research on metrics, audience reach, social media platforms, and much more, Good Influence is a vital resource guide for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and anyone with something to market. This easy-to-follow guide showcases new and innovative ways to use the rise of content creators and influencers to create a buzz around practically everything.

Takeaway: A vital resource guide for leaders working with influencers to get their messages out.

Great for fans of: Carlos Gil’s The End of Marketing, Brittany Hennessy’s Influencer.

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Cover: B+
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Editing: A
Marketing copy: A