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Emma Lombard
Grace on the Horizon (The White Sails Series, Book 2)
Emma Lombard, author
GRACE ON THE HORIZON is the second full-length novel in The White Sails Series. Grace and Seamus, united by their past experiences, are adrift on a raft of shame in the sea of 1830s London society. Grace’s desperation to leave London forces Seamus to accept a dubious commission on the private explorer, Clover. With the expedition financed by Colonel Hamilton and his private backers, Seamus is tasked with mapping a round-the-world voyage. But Colonel Hamilton has an additional package that requires delivering—Father Babcock—a priest wanted for murder. Seamus hides Babcock’s identity from Grace but the journey aboard the Clover is far from smooth sailing, and Grace suspects a saboteur. She must learn to forgive her husband’s well-intentioned duplicity and determine who wishes them harm—because now she also has her unborn child to protect.