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C. Scott Brown
Grit Enough to Chew Your Legs Off
Don’t worry about the cockroach. It’s not that kind of cockroach. But be concerned that the rest of the Galaxy is very worried about Earth, especially America. The tribalism and division that plagues many lands on Earth has made it a prime target for a numberless horde of evil spirits that prey on the sick worlds of the Galaxy. \tAn alien spacecraft monitors Earth. If the evil spirits have infiltrated the planet, nothing can be done to save it. The planet will be cleansed of both inhabitants and evil spirits by the Galactic military force. \tBut something strange happens, the aliens monitoring the planet decide they really like the Earth. They decide that it is a planet worth saving. \tThe Aliens cast aside all their rules of engagement and join with a few Earthlings to save the planet. Clairvoyants, evokers, Indigo children, and Utility workers are tasked to find the evil spirits. Unexplained spontaneous combustions are investigated. Marketers, lobbyists, lawyers, and social media experts fight to help America dig deep enough to find the grit and compassion to save the planet. Conservatives and progressives have to learn to like each other again to make it happen. \tBut all is not as well as it appears to be in the rest of the Galaxy.