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Gritty Girl: Celebrating Girls and Women
Ramna Sharma, author
Girls and women continue to face various forms of gender-based discrimination -- at home, at work, and elsewhere -- all around the globe. The status of women in India's patriarchal society makes the soul of Gritty Girl. It’s a collection of poems that impacts and inspires girls and women while giving a voice to the gender-based biases that choke their paths. This book is divided into four parts: 1) Tears of Grit (inspired by true events) 2) Comfort of Grit 3) Power of Grit 4) Heart of Grit Each part bares a different minefield that girls and women must brave. Each part celebrates a different power of womankind. With a strong social message, Gritty Girl is for every woman, and man. A gift of hope and love. A source of inspiration.