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Seema Prisha
Grow Through The Storms
Seema Prisha, author

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

As long as there is life, there are life’s storms! Some storms just brush against us on our surface... Some push us a bit harder almost about to knock us down... Some do knock us down... And some fiercely gush within us, jolt us from the inside, uproot us off the ground, bash us against the rocks and throw us off life’s track!! If your life has been thrown off-track by a storm and you’re sinking with the victim feelings of helplessness, anguish, fear, despair and pitying your poor self..., this book will pick you up, inspire you and empower you to make conscious empowering choices to grow while you go through the storm! This book is about the most crucial choices which become the defining moments of our life and is inspired by the awe-inspiring life of a super strong little girl, Prisha. Little Prisha mastered the art of making conscious empowering choices while braving insurmountable storms, after storms, after storms in her little life of seven years. Each impending storm was much stronger than the previous one! So was little Prisha after surmounting each storm until she reached the zenith of how high one could rise in a lifetime of a hundred years or may be, in a hundred lifetimes! Prisha’s life is a message! Stories from her life will intrigue you, inspire you and empower you to raise yourself to your highest potential as she did, while growing through the storms in your life... You’ll no longer be waiting for the storm to pass to start living but, living every moment to the fullest embraced in comforting calm, amidst the storm. The storm shall pass one day. You won’t be the same person who walked in. You will be humbled and awe inspired by the person you’d have become... You will walk out of the storm brimming with gratitude towards the storm that stirred you to rise to your highest potential and taught you how to live a truly rich and purposeful life! Take charge of your life and gear yourself up! GROW THROUGH THE STORMS! A LITTLE CHILD COULD DO THAT... YOU CAN DO THAT TOO!!