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Emmanuel Kane
Author, Editor (anthology)
Growing Flames, Fury & Lavender
Emotional words a soldier on the battle front conversing with his fiancée and reminiscing the world he has left behind, one still saturated with fury, uncertainty and love all operating together.
E. Ethelbert Miller

Here are the words of no return. Emanuel Kane writes about war and refugees. Here is the verse of headlines. This collection of poems is troubling. There is blood on many of the pages. It's a reminder that the present is a dangerous place to live. Kane writes about Isis and Miriam Makeba wailing from the grave. He knows the beautiful ones have yet to be born.

Iodine Poetry Journal

With powerful imagery and language, Emanuel Kane takes his readers to places where they may not want to go. No one wants to experience war, suffering and death, but the world can't turn a blind eye to it either. Many of these poems are uncomfortable and hard to read, but poetry doesn't have to be pretty. Kane pulls the reader from the comfort of a chair into a world of uncertainty, where many people live out their daily lives. This is not an uplifting book, but it is a call to action, a call to care for our fellow ma

Liane Larocque, Editor

"Kane’s Growing Flames: Fury & Lavender is a collection of ninety-five poems divided into four sections. Each section addresses different perspective on war, political corruption, killer disease outbreaks, and depraved indifference. Each poem uniquely touches on personal effects to the human soul. His powerful words challenge us to be aware, to take a stand—to listen and hear, to look and to see. This book reaches your very corps with carefully crafted prose."

Molefi Kete Asante, author of Facing South to Africa

Emmanuel Kane's Growing Flames: Fury and Lavender, is a brilliantly conceived poetic feast. The poet demonstrates a remarkable breadth of knowledge and a stirring imagination full of tropes and metaphors that truly make this a great book. Kane masters the history, literature, and moral ethics that makes his poetry live in the present. Using the military and martial examples he brings truth in words to life