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YOYO The Voice
Growing Through The Pain

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Growing through the pain: Breaking Generational Curses was written to help those who grew up in pain but are ready to move past the hurt. Whether the pain was from family, friends, abuse or lack of love. Often times we experience trauma early on in life that hinders us into adulthood. Some of us suppress it and try not to acknowledge it. While others find it very difficult to cope with everyday life because they can’t forget it. We all experience different walks of life but our ultimate goal is to grow. Grow in love, grow in God, grow in peace and grow in life. In our minds we’ve decided that when we fail or when something bad happens we aren’t growing but that’s when we grow the most. We have to learn to take every experience, whether good or bad and grow from it. When you grow through your pain, nothing can hold you back and that’s when generational curses are broken.