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Jane A Hobden
In the UK in 2017, only 5% of prisoners were female and the average custodial sentence length was 10 months. Imagine if you will, a sickening acid attack carried out by a female, a loving mother, on a teacher at her daughter’s school. Part 1 plunges straight into the Prosecution witness statements giving their accounts of the evening of the 27th June 2017. It is alleged that the Defendant entered the Thurston’s home in a campaign of terror, and threw acid into Dan’s face causing him disfigurement and blindness. His wife believes that Meg Sands sought revenge when her daughter was removed from her care. In the same way that a jury hears the Prosecution case first, the reader has the tools to consider the evidence and believe that this shocking incident was committed by Megan Sands and be horrified by what this seemingly ordinary mother of one could do to a kind and loving, family-orientated businessman.