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Bob Freeman
H2LiftShips - Vol 2 - A Back Story
Bob Freeman, author
Graciela Lucerne was done with secondary school and off to the Luna Academy to earn her Lieutenant's pip. Leaving her trading family behind was an easy choice, although her passive-aggressive mother and alcoholic father would prefer she stay. After all, someone had to do the grunt work on their solar sail cargo ship. On Luna, Graciela, with her compadres: canines, other primates, and octopuses, learn the skills they would need to earn a berth on solar sail or rocket ships.
Anthionette Ejimofor

it was amazing

Bob Freeman's, A Backstory is the second in the H2LiftShips series, after Beyond Luna, the first in the series and preceding Bosons Wave. It goes behind the scenes to reveal the lives of the characters, and their journey to becoming crew members of spaceships.

A Backstory just like Beyond Luna centres around the figures aboard Luna Cola and tells us how these sentients made the transition from simple characters in their individual lives to being a team, on a delicate and intriguing mission. Whether from a somewhat dysfunctional family, from a reserved and simple family, or an adventurous and rich family, Graciela, Herb, and Rocky all had one thing in common, and this was Luna Academy, a training school for training space travel crew. These characters and their activities especially in school, as well as after graduation, were the focus of the story. What then were these experiences and how much did it shape these characters in the book and even beyond? Only one way to find out.

There can be no overemphasizing how much the author does a terrific job in this novel. He didn't restrict the sort of sentients he used as major players in the book and series, and this is the hallmark of science fiction, when you know that anything is possible, even animals communicating with man. Although this is not something everyone would appreciate, but again this all adds to the feeling of this book and the series being exclusively for those who are open-minded and truly love science fiction and all the possibilities it paints. Beyond Luna is a picture-perfect combination of true Sci-fi experience, laced with fascinating adventure.

I loved many things about this book, some of which happened at Luna Academy. Rocky's never-ending pursuit of fun and the troubles that often came with it were always hilarious. Likewise, Gracie's reserved and focused nature was evident in her actions both as a student, and when she became Captain.

Science fiction novels are often accused of being technical and overly complex..... A Backstory is an exception to this norm. More than just going back to the origins of the key characters, it tells us who they were before Luna Cola, and what events resulted in the characters we read about. The author is unquestionably skilled in the art of merging emotions. He does it yet again in this book. Adventurous, fascinating, mind stimulating, hilarious, thought-provoking...... Bob just tosses us into a cocoon of emotions with this well-written piece, and it's a great read for everyone who appreciates a good bout of mental workouts.