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Habitan-The Parallel Place
Habitan grew out of the author's bedtime stories for her children, and draws on her multicultural background that includes one-quarter Canadian Cree Aboriginal/Inuit mix. Her grandmother's spirit and grace were inspirational to the creation of this story, and the use of Cree as the basis for the magical language of Habitan. The scenery and animals behind in the story were drawn from the naturally varied and beautiful landscape of Canada. Habitan is a YA fantasy novel, and follows three preteens on an adventure after they are magically transported to this new world. In Habitan, sorcery, magic and powers of the mind abound. Animals talk, and the Spirit of the Woods is alive. The children join forces with three animal guides, encounter a wicked sorceress named Oskana, and embark on an adventure to discover their true heritage and destiny. This leads them on a path of self-discovery, as each finds their own inner strength. They face unbearable odds with determination and courage, standing up for what is right despite the possible personal costs.