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Lee Baldwin
Author, Illustrator
Halcyon Dreamworlds
Lee Baldwin, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)


enslaved by the future of desire

Amid gritty realities of 2029 Amerika, conflict between ultra-rich elites and the rest of us reaches blinding rage. It is most intense within the hidden avatar universe, Halcyon Dreamworlds.

   Welcome to a permissive online rave with the morals of a beer commercial… where your avatar can mosh with millions of your fellow addicts in secret lives of uncaring lust. But when an elite mastermind corrupts your private heaven through an electronic mind-meld wired to your neocortex, you’ll be doing what he tells you… in real life. And as you fritter away each passing pleasure-second, his next instruction could be: go die.

   Virtual reality?

   For you ego-slaves of the Dreamworlds, there’s nothing virtual about it.