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Hallee Crockpotter
It doesn’t take magic or a spell to make whole food/real food meals – even when you need to leave it and go! The slow cooker is an amazing invention for the busy home, and Hallee Bridgeman, aka Hallee the Homemaker™, has conjured up some whole food recipes that will delight your tastebuds and make cooking a meal easy as abra cadabra. Cooking for a start-of-term feast? You’ll find dips and soups and delicious delights to satisfy any crowd. Studying for finals in potions? Spend a few minutes in the morning putting your ingredients into the slow cooker and come back after your test to dinner already ready. Want to enjoy the Quidditch match without worrying about what to eat after? The slow cooker is your team’s friend. Enjoy everything from House Elf Soup to Gringott’s Crockpotter Whole Chicken to Draco Mafloy’s Sweet Berry Cake – and everything in-between. The slow cooker is as handy as a Time-Turner when it comes to feeding your family, and it won’t take magic to make it happen.