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Donald Ladolcetta
Hannah: The Lighthouse Girl Of Newfoundland
Nine year old Hannah is unsure what to expect when her large family moves from the fishing village they always lived in, to an isolated lighthouse off the coast of Newfoundland. What she discovers is a life filled with adventure, wonder--and danger. As Hannah grows into a young lady, she’s determined to make the best life possible, despite ever-present adversity. Facing everything from the fury of Mother Nature to illness, and from a persistent suitor to the Great Depression and World War II, Hannah must find the strength to follow her dream. When she decides to take a bold step, will it cost her everything? In the tradition of Little House on The prairie and Anne of Green Gables, this novel of a spirited girl growing into a strong woman is based on a true story.

The book is still new but here are a few recent reviews culled from


“…I was captured by this story of a family living a full, loving life together in a relatively remote area of the world that is actually right at our doorstep here in the USA…”


“…Don has carefully and lovingly.. unwrapped the story and memories of his mother (Hannah) in such a way as to give insight to that history and a way of life long gone. I found it entertaining and enjoyed each of the Author's subtle inclusions of “explanations” of Newfie traditions woven into the dialog..”


“…funny, engaging, and enlightening…”


“…I loved this book, it kept my attention from start to finish. It is based on a true story with humor, history, excitement,….”


“…The story brings me back to a simpler time…”