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Dan Garbati
Happiness comes in threes
Dan Garbati, author

What if we embraced the power of journaling to rewrite our own self-defeating stories and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life? The guided framework would embed a sturdy anchor of self-reflection in our foundations. By taking the time to intentionally reflect on our experiences anchored through the act of writing, we could shape our lives in more meaningful, positive ways.

Like an artist creating a masterful painting, we could craft our lives with vibrant colors and intricate details, taking the time to explore the depths of our memories, emotions, and thoughts, and thoughtfully placing them on the canvas of our lives. We can then step back and admire our own unique creation, recognizing that it is something that only we could create.

We often forget how hard it can be to have the courage to stand up, to have faith and to fight when we are up against the odds. With this book, you can reclaim your power and experience success, joy, and contentment. It is packed with journaling exercises to help you solve old pains and new problems, while also identifying the protagonists that will help propel you forward and the antagonists that are holding you back and how to overcome them.