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Happiness is Chosen Wisely: 3300 Axioms of Self-Evident Truths
Byer, author
Everything in life has a positive and a negative. The premise of this book is that pleasure negates happiness. It is meant to make you think about the sole desire of pleasure as our problem and not our solution, and to define the differences between pleasure and happiness as two distinct opposite states of mind. When a desire for pleasure is the goal, those decisions can result in stress, anxiety, despair (SAD) and a fear of loss. For all pleasures last but a short time because of hedonic adaptation and are required to be reinforced at a later time over and over as a closed loop system. This requires us to give pleasure to others in order to receive pleasure in return, either by mutually pleasurable benefits of a social barter system or paying someone to give us what we desire. Happiness, on the other hand, is our mind’s higher thinking that first must override our instinctive motivations for pleasure to be realized in our lives at all. The cause of happiness is peace, calm, tranquility, bliss and harmony, but the results are the same as the cause. This is our absence of desire from our higher thinking, wisdom, and enlightenment without any stress, anxiety or despair at all.