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Jill Wright
Happy Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Jill Wright, author
Happy Healthy Wealthy and Wise, a daily companion guide for ordinary people who want extraordinary lives, isn’t just another self-help book. It’s not a search engine, AI-generated answer to your problems. This is a collection of hard-won wisdom from a human perspective that offers unique, effective, and thought-provoking ways to change your life. Things that aren’t difficult, time consuming or scary. Advice that, up until now, hasn’t been readily available in an easily consumable way or at a reasonable price point. Happy Healthy Wealthy and Wise was written for the women who need a lifeline in the small moments. Reading chapters on end isn't required. Simply [01] Pick it up. [02] Read a page. [03] Get Inspired. [04] Take Action. [05] Get Back to Life. [06] Rinse & Repeat.