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Elaine Dodge
Author, Service Provider
Harcourt's Mountain
Elaine Dodge, author
Spring 1867. Luke Harcourt has made a home for himself on a mountain in the wild Canadian forests. On a supply run to town, he comes across the Bride Ship. One of the women catches his eye; although dirty, her clothes speak of a gentle refinement and her eyes of desperation. Luke knows he can't leave her there. He buys her on a whim, compelled to save her from a life of prostitution and slavery. Hope Booker is terrified when she's sold. But Luke allays her fears by promising not to touch her, unless she asks him to. She's frightened, confused and facing danger every day on their mountain. As she gets to know him, Hope is tempted to open her heart to Luke but, uncertain about his feelings, she’s afraid the biggest danger is falling in love with her husband. As Luke and Hope navigate their way through falling in love and facing wolves, rapids and Indians, a string of events ensue that tear them apart, leaving Hope stranded alone on the mountain in one of the worst winters in decades. Why did Luke disappear, and will he return? Can Hope face a winter on the mountain alone? 'Harcourt’s Mountain' is a tale of courage and love. Elaine Dodge paints a vivid picture of frontier life and draws you into this epic story right from the first page. Embrace this journey as you risk the wild Canadian West with Hope and Luke and witness their trials, misfortunes and ultimately the love they both deserve.
NY Literary Magazine

A brilliant achievement! 'Harcourt's Mountain' is a gripping, emotion-packed historical romance story with compelling characters, captivating adventures, and a most beautiful, epic love story. Dodge has a talent for painting vibrant scenes and stirring up strong emotions in readers. A well-crafted, immersive, and memorable story sure to appeal to fans of historical romance. 5 stars! -Natasha Bentley – NY Literary Magazine

Republication of the award-winning novel, 'Harcourt's Mountain' in April 2020

Previously published by Tirgearr Publishing, the award-winning novel, 'Harcourt's Mountain' by Elaine Dodge, will now be republished in April 2020, followed by the sequel and second novel in the 'Harcourts of Canada' family saga shortly afterwards. Elaine Dodge has decided to self-publish this series, so look out for up-to-date news on pre-order dates on the Read ME Ink Books Facebook page!