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Trevor Wiltzen
Haunting Pasts
Critics hail this heart-stopping historical mystery AN ABSOLUTE GEM! "Fantastic.. easy-to-get-lost-in... new mystery series!" Goodreads Find out why 20,000 readers, and growing, enjoy this series! With the diner and motel practically empty, a man looms up from Mabel’s dark porch, setting into motion events that could either unite Mabel’s family or tear it apart.  Restarting her missing girls’ cold case, she gets nowhere fast until she desperately questions a Larson gang member she helped put in prison. His sordid tale is more lies and threats than truth. But the clues he gives point to her past, and she uncovers to her horror, a serial killer on the hunt.  And it could be a man she thought she knew.  When Mabel needs the men in her life the most, they leave her, one by one, until the last man, the serial killer, remains.