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ST Tangirala, author
Dead Poets Society meets Good Will Hunting. In the prestigious realm of Havensbury Preparatory Academy, Noah Liebermann feels out of place. A determined student, he grapples with academic challenges and the isolated culture. Maybe he’s just not right for this school, for this world… But a serendipitous encounter with a homeless man unveils a new outlook on life and teaches Noah invaluable lessons about resilience, entrepreneurship, and the profound impact of communal bonds. With the guidance of his new mentor, not only could he find a way to survive the elite prep high school, he might have the potential to change it. His actions will challenge the traditional mindset of his parents, teachers, peers, and the principal who quite possibly hates him. He has a real shot at enacting change, but can he persevere despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him? This inspirational YA novel will have you rooting for Noah as he fights to overcome his personal struggles and strives to become a symbol of hope and change in his school and in his community at large.